Our Sol Angeles family recently had the opportunity to spend a day at L.A. Kitchen

We spent the day assembling nutrition packed meals prepared from scratch right in the kitchen. It was such a great way to spend the day outside of the office! It's not often that all of us can work together so cohesively on a single goal. With a little elbow grease and a whole lot of laughs, we put together a couple hundred salads and fruit bowls ready to be sent out. 

Did we mention how great the food is? We caught Theresa, the Lead Cook and graduate of the program, whipping up some arugula pesto that could rival any restaurant in LA! 

With so many amazing programs in LA working to provide meals for their community, L.A. Kitchen has found a very unique way of addressing the root causes of hunger and food insecurity. Rather than simply providing meals to those in need, they strive to create nourishing meals with reclaimed local produce deemed "imperfect" for grocers. So not only are they fighting hunger in the greater Los Angeles area, they are fighting against food waste.

Here's the impact they had in one year alone:

> 223,260 pounds of produce reclaimed,
> 3,929 inter-generational volunteers engaged, 
> 145,959 nutritious meals prepared, and 
> 98 participants in culinary job-training program. 
LA Kitchen in Los Angeles revealing the power of foodLA Kitchen in Los Angeles revealing the power of food salad prep
LA Kitchen in Los Angeles revealing the power of food


If you'd love to learn more or volunteer some time to a really great organization, click here: L.A. Kitchen