A Visit To Casa Herradura
Through our journey, we’ve been lucky to be able to partner with and form great friendships with some amazing brands. The Sol team, along with a few friends at Trunk Club, traveled to Jalisco, Mexico last month to visit our friends over at Tequila Herradura.
Located in Jalisco, Mexico, the Casa Herradura has been producing tequila in the same facilities for almost 150 years.
Embarking on our trip, we were already fans of Herradura tequila.
 After a day of learning, drinking, and even a little bit of work, we grew an even bigger admiration for their dedication to craft and tradition.
In a world of shortcuts, Casa Herradura is the last true tequila-producing Hacienda on Earth. We can definitely cheers to that!
SOL ANGELES VISITS HERRADURAEli breaking a sweat while cutting away the leaves of a piña with a coa, a tool especially made for harvesting agave. 
Rob standing tall with one of Casa Herradura’s pro jimadores in front of a massive pile of piña before they are transported to the oven.
SOL ANGELES TEAM“It completely changed our collect concept and perception of Mexico, Guadalajara, Tequila, and the force behind a truly historic brand, Tequila Herradura.” - Eli Myers, Sol Angeles founder 
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