Sometimes things get so crazy, you just have to laugh.
As we continue to feel the overwhelming effects of the corona virus, our communities and families are pulling together to help support each other in this time of need.
How could Sol Angeles help? We decided to use our best assets “Humor & Comfort" to do something good.
Introducing the Après Corona T & Sweatshirt.
The best way to let people know you are ready for this to be over, and that you need a Bottle of Rosè.
The GOOD part. A portion of proceeds from this shirt will be directly donated to the World Health Organization, to assist in their fight against the spread of the virus.
To Learn more about the World Health Organization click below: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/donate
About the Graphic: Après - French for “After” - coming after in time, typically specifying a period following an activity.
And since our inception Sol Angeles has been all about Après.
Après Ski, Après Surf, Après Tennis. We are definitely living that Après Life.
This ordeal has us longing for an end to the storm, and looking forward to the Rainbow Daquiri on the other side.